Baldwin Park Artist “Roman” Releases New Single “The Meaning”

Straight from Baldwin Park, CA Roman has been killing the game with his brand new single “ The Meaning”. He has been rhyming & freestyling since he was a teenager, but he didn’t start seriously putting together songs and bodies of work until around 2014. He is heavily influenced by the early legends of Hip-Hop like Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Eminem, Wu-Tang Clan, ATCQ, and more. That is where his love for songwriting and rhyming began. From an early age, Roman was exposed to mainly Rap and Hip-Hop as time went on he began becoming inspired by all music. It doesn't matter what genre or generation it is he can always connect to it and draw inspiration from it to create new content for his fans.

His inspiration for this song is about how we all assign meaning into our lives, and we’re all growing, no matter what choices they have made; whether they are good or bad, we are just all going through the motions. Also, Roman just wanted to bring current and new fans a little further into his world, which with this song is exactly what he did.

“This song is for anyone who is going through the growing pains of life.. and sometimes it doesn’t move as fast as you like. But you got to trust that shit.. Finding meaning through growth is something I feel hits everyone deep at certain points in their life and it takes time. It’s what helps us evolve in my opinion. In regards to who I make music for, I feel like I make music for the motivated soul, and those who have a certain duality to them..those who love tracks that bang, those who love instruments and sonics, those who are motivated and passionate, but also like to get ratchet , drinking tea or coffee in the morning, and liquor at night. Meditation and mindfulness, and also turning shit up”

You can expect a lot more from Roman in the near future. There is a lot of new material that is currently in the works. We can guarantee based on his resume that it will be some of the best creative content out there! Once the country opens back up from the global pandemic we have dealt with, Roman plans to be back on the road performing in new cities. So watch out for Roman as he may be coming to your city in the near future! My final thoughts on this song, if you are into boom-bap and real Hip-Hop; Roman, is your cup of tea and you need to drink up! Below are some of his links be sure to check him out!






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Joey King

27 year old Hip Hop Enthusiast from Pittsburgh, PA. I enjoy reading, going to music festivals and traveling around the world.